We help your company select the most appropriate capital sources, between equity and debt financing, in order to fund organic investments, working capital requirements and / or acquisitions. We procure equity and debt capital from our large international network of private equity, venture and corporate venture funds, corporations, banks and family offices.

A lack of capital can impair even the best strategy and execution but the wrong capital providers bring low or even negative strategic value and / or unnecessary dilution; that is why we not only help companies raise capital but also carefully select the right type of investors and close the rounds at the best possible terms.

We frequently assist high-growth startups from an early stage, (Seed, Post-Seed, Series A or B round) and help them get investor-ready in a short time frame. Raising funds requires time and effort, but we do the heavy lifting while the entrepreneurs can focus on what matters most.

If your company is a European head-quartered start-up or SME we can also advice you on preparing successful grant applications and project proposals for public funding.