We are specialist advisers for small, medium and emerging businesses and we offer them quality advice and expertise which matches what’s available to much larger companies.

Our deep understanding of the ecosystem, flexible entrepreneurial mindset and relentless commitment have helped us successfully assist a number of founders and entrepreneurs raise capital for their start-ups, sell their businesses or deal with other finance related issues, such as negotiating with their existing investors, discussing the financial terms of a commercial partnership, building a financial plan with a set of KPIs, restructuring their business or preparing a favourable succession plan.

Start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs present unique challenges as they are typically managed in a leaner and less structured way, are in rapid evolution, go through significant changes in their capital structure and often require a more flexible type of support.

Companies we typically assist are valued between €1m and €100m but we have also helped larger corporations or private equity funds to partner, invest in or acquire innovative start-ups or small-medium enterprises.